Warranty Service Request


About Bonded Builders Warranty Group

Bonded Builders Warranty Group (BBWG) is one of the largest new home warranty providers with over 25 years of experience. BBWG is nationally recognized and continues to grow through innovative solutions that enable builders, like John Hunter Home Builders, to provide quality and security for their homeowners. BBWG takes pride in delivering exceptional customer service through their award winning team.


We’re More Than a New Home Warranty Company

BBWG is backed by Bankers Financial Corporation (BFC). Under one roof are eight subsidiaries, each with a unique portfolio and market. Collectively earning billions in assets and with 40 years in business, BFC has the financial strength and stability to provide unparalleled reliability and expertise to a diverse group of 2.6 million customers nationwide.


Warranty Assist

John Hunter Home Builders has chosen our Warranty Assist program to better serve you. This means that we handle your warranty request while John Hunter Home Builders continues to do what they do best…provide homes of the highest quality.

Please submit your warranty request here.