Snowflake Properties

From time to time John Hunter Home Builders will buy a property to build a home on that is not really in a traditional established Community. When John Hunter Home Builders does this, it endeavors to match the plan and the aesthetics of the house that is to be built with the unique nature of that particular property.

In doing this, essentially no two properties and houses are ever the same, just like a snowflake! And hence the name of this “community” was born.
John Hunter Home Builders will also from time to time build one of its high quality unique plans on a lot that a customer already owns. Again, no two of these properties will ever be the same either, just like a Snowflake.

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We’ve been building great homes for many years in north Texas. There are a lot of shortcuts that builders can take to save a few bucks here and there – but we’re not your average builder.

We believe in building luxurious homes at a fair price, and we believe in building homes that fit the Texas mind-set, and are focused on building strong homes for affordable prices with features like:

Acreage & Big Yards, Great floor plans, Quality Construction, Energy Efficiency, Lots of amenities, Great communities & School Districts, Porches, Back Decks, Big Garages, Great Kitchens, Large Living Areas, Luxurious Bathrooms & Bedrooms, Fireplaces, And More