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John Hunter Home Builders requires a “Pre-Qualification Letter” from Certainty Home Loans to review and accept any contract on any home built.  Every lender is a little different and unfortunately, we’ve experienced “approved” contracts that never made it to the closing table.  Each customer is too important to us to go through the process to only find out at the end that there is something that will not allow the loan to close.  We have worked with the staff of Certainty Home Loans for over 20 years and we know their integrity to communicate and perform.  At the end of the day, you can use whichever lender you want, but we MUST know that Certainty Home Loans could do the loan.  Please contact me if you have any questions.

We feel so strongly that Certainty Home Loans can perform at such a high level and they are accustom to doing rural construction loans in Texas for John Hunter Home Builders, we will do the following for using Certainty Home Loans.  Please note, we will NOT honor any of the following using another lender.

  • John Hunter Home Builders will pay for your Title Policy.
  • John Hunter Home Builders will pay for your Survey.
  • John Hunter Home Builders will contribute $3,500 towards your closing costs.

From time to time, we may have additional incentives. Call today for more details  817-587-4777

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John Hunter Home Builders

We’ve been building great homes for many years in north Texas. There are a lot of shortcuts that builders can take to save a few bucks here and there – but we’re not your average builder.

We believe in building luxurious homes at a fair price, and we believe in building homes that fit the Texas mind-set, and are focused on building strong homes for affordable prices with features like:

Acreage & Big Yards, Great floor plans, Quality Construction, Energy Efficiency, Lots of amenities, Great communities & School Districts, Porches, Back Decks, Big Garages, Great Kitchens, Large Living Areas, Luxurious Bathrooms & Bedrooms, Fireplaces, And More